Tom Yum Fried Rice Recipe

I use ready-made Tom Yum paste for this recipe. The Tom Yum paste has the balance taste of sour, salty, sweet and spicy. The aromatics of the paste are infused into the fried rice, that makes my meal very enjoyable.


Ingredients :
– 1 packet of ┬áready-made Tom Yum Paste : 200 grams
– 1 bowl of left-over rice
– Prawns (cut into small portion)
– Mixed vegetables : 200 grams
-Cilantro (garnishing)
– Cooking oil

Simple steps :
(1) Heat up pan with cooking oil, stir fry prawn until cooked. Set aside.

(2) With the same pan, stir fry Tom Yum Paste until fragrant. Stir in rice, mixed vegetables and cooked prawn, stir fry and mix all ingredients until it absorbs all of the Tom Yum Paste and is uniformly brown.

(3) Topped with cilantro, enjoy the meal.