Tom Yum Seafood Soup Recipe

I cooked this seafood soup recipe with ready-made Tom Yum paste. This quick and easy to cook Tom Yum seafood soup feature a savory, spicy and tangy broth with fresh seafood that are added in.


Ingredients :
– 1 packet of ready-made Tom Yum Paste : 200 grams
– Prawn, Squid, Button Mushroom and Cherry Tomatoes (amount as desire)
(May add in the seafood that you favor)
– Chili padi and Lime juice (Optional)
– Cilantro (garnishing)

Simple steps :
1. In a pot, stir fry 1 packet of Tom Yum Paste until fragrant.

2. Add in 600 ml of water, mixed well. Once the soup boils, stir in all the ingredients, with cover simmer until the seafood is cooked.

3. Garnish with cilantro, serve hot. To enjoy the hotness and sourness of the      Tom Yum soup, I added in chili padi and lime juice.