Tozo NC2 Review – FutureUniverseTV Presents A Powerful Noise Cancelling And Wonderful Listening Experience To You

Tozo NC2 Review. FutureUniverseTV Presents A Powerful Noise Cancelling And Wonderful Listening Experience To You.

Tozo NC2 Review
Tozo NC2 Review

The TOZO NC2 are well-built truly wireless headphones that have a similar look to the Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Truly Wireless. They have a more neutral sound profile than the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless headphones, which some users may prefer, but it’s still slightly v-shaped, so mixes have extra thump and rumble while sibilants, like cymbals, are bright.

Their total battery life is longer than many truly wireless headphones. Unfortunately though, although they’re marketed as noise cancelling headphones, they have a disappointing ANC feature that doesn’t work very well. For more options, check out our lists of the best noise cancelling headphones, the best true wireless earbuds, and the best sounding wireless earbuds


It is important that the earbuds fit properly. Rating for Ingress Protection (IP)IPX6The first number of the IP rating is for dust protection, and the second number is for liquid protection. For example, a 6 denotes that it’s dust-proof, and a 7 denotes that it’s water-resistant.

The lighter the product, the easier it is to transport, as well as for many other products. Isn’t wired or cabled. The parts of a true wireless device aren’t connected by cables. In some wireless earbuds, two earbuds are connected by cables. Wingtips are included.

There are wingtips on these earbuds so you can get a better fit. It’s handy to have wingtips for sports and other physical activities. Using them right prevents the earbuds from falling off. They’re sweat-proof.

The Tozo NC2 is sweat-resistant and dust-resistant, making it ideal for sports. You won’t have to worry about dust or water getting inside. The device is waterproof, so it can resist water penetration, like powerful water jets, but it can’t be submerged in water.

Devices with stereo speakers let you hear different sounds on both sides, giving you a richer experience. The waterproof depth rating shows how well the device is protected against water ingress and pressure. Swimming and diving are better with devices that can handle more pressure.

Summary Of Features And Benefits

Active Noise Cancellation – Three-layered hybrid active noise cancellation system. Firstly, an explanation. By detecting external sounds and countering them with equal anti-noise, the outward-facing microphone is able to reduce the ambient noise by up to 35dB. This device utilizes an inward-facing microphone for picking up internal sounds. Once the internal sounds are picked up by the microphone, the anti-noise is produced again to twice cancel the left noise. Noise is prevented from entering the ear canal by 90% when ear caps are worn.

Transparency Mode allows you to hear what you wish, allowing you to hear and interact with the outside world around you. The headphones allow you to hear the announcements of the airline or subway without having to remove them.

They are equipped with optical sensors technology, so they will sense when they are in your ears and pause when you take them you take them out. Uses a high-precision contact sensor that detects the wear status in real time, making it perfect for everyday use and sports.

Pairing is a one-step process: Simply remove the headsets from the charging case and they will be automatically paired. Afterward, you will need to enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone in order to connect the earbuds to the device.

Tozo NC2 wireless earbuds last more than 10 hours on a single charge and 42 hours when paired with the compact charging case. Providing convenient charging way with no strings attached. It is waterproof to IPX6 rating, which prevents water damage caused by splashing from sweat and raindrops.

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