Turmeric Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Hi Friends, is a joy to share with You this aromatic and crispy chicken drumsticks.
It is a simple dish with just 4 ingredients, and also very easy to prepare. They go straight to the oven for grilling after coated with the mixture of turmeric powder and seasoning flour.
The aroma of the turmeric chicken drumsticks fills the kitchen after 20 minutes of grilling.
I deliciously savor the aromatic, tender and juicy chicken meat with crispy outer skin.


Ingredients :
– Chicken drumstick : 13 pieces
– Turmeric powder : 2 tbsp
– Seasoned Flour : 120 grams
– Cooking oil : 1/4 cup

Simple Way of Preparation :
(1) Wash chicken drumsticks and towel dry them, set aside in a container, add in cooking oil to the chicken drumsticks. Allow every piece of chicken drumsticks to be covered with oil.

(2) In another container, evenly mix turmeric powder and seasoning flour together.

(3) Place chicken drumsticks (coated with oil) to the flour mixture in container, coated them evenly with flour mixture. Place them onto grilling tray, ready for grilling.


(4) Oven grilled at 300 degree C for 40 minutes. After 25 minutes, check and flip the chicken drumsticks, continue to grill until golden brown.