Turmeric Rice With Fish Recipe

Turmeric Rice And Fish Set Meal Recipe

My family enjoyed this lunch menu:
1. Aromatic Turmeric Rice cooked with fresh milk
2. Delicious Fish marinated with Turmeric Powder
3. Savory Curry Okra

When all the dishes are ready to serve, you will realize there are not many ingredients used with simple steps of cooking.


Recipe of Turmeric Rice :

– Turmeric powder : 2 tsp
– White rice : 350 grams
– Fresh milk : 175 grams
– Water : 175 grams
– 2 Onions (sliced)
– Mixed vegetables : 100 grams
– Salt (to taste)

Simple Method :
– Wash rice, drain.  Add in all the ingredients, mix well, cook the rice                mixture.

Recipe of Turmeric Fish :

Ingredients :
– Turmeric Power (for coating fish)
– Toman Fish (cut into big piece)
– Salt (to taste)

Simple Steps :
1) Marinate fish with salt and Turmeric powder for half an hour.

2) Pan fry fish pieces until golden brown.

Recipe of Curry Okra
– Okra : 15 pods
– Curry paste : 150 grams
– Chili paste : 70 grams
– Lemon grass : 1 stalk
– A few curry leaves
– Water : 500 ml (adjustable according to the amount of curry paste used)

Simple Method :

(1) Scald Okra in boiling water, drain well, set aside.

(2) Heat up oil in pot over medium heat, add in curry paste, chili paste, lemon grass and curry leaves, stir fry until fragrant and all the ingredients are blended with the oil.

(3) Add in Okra, stir fry and mix all ingredients.

(4) Next, add in water, with lower heat simmer for 5 minutes until the Okra is cooked and the gravy reaches the right consistency.