Jesus Bible Study – An In-Depth Look Into Jesus’s Wisdom and Love For Greater Wealth, Relationships and Success In Life (Volume Book 1) Kindle Edition

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ, I welcome you to discover Jesus identity as God, All Powerful, All Loving and Everlasting  from Jesus Bible Study Amazon Kindle Ebook Below. I will hand hold you to know how Jesus thinks and feels. You are guided on his wisdom and love to uncover the Jesus in you. Check out my book below. You can have a preview of the book by clicking Free Preview.

Some Practical Tips

      1.  Know that Jesus is God and Is Omnipotent. Pray to Jesus for miracles and what you want. Have Faith In Him. Ask Jesus for wisdom, power, love and courage to face your struggles, challenges and difficulties and emerge victorious.
      2. From the Sermon of the Mount in the Bible, we know that Jesus always repeat blessings and describe various groups of people who are either poor in spirit or meek and so on. This means that Jesus is a blessing and through him you are blessed. Have faith and pray for his blessings.
      3. Half of Jesus’s Sermons is on Wealth and Money. You need to invest or grow your money whether it is a business or placing your money in a bank for interest. It is about the growth mindset that you have. It also applies to not just wealth but your spirituality, health and mind, body and soul. 

    In A Nutshell, Have a growth mindset and mentality

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    You will definitely benefit and improve your relationships, finances, career and studies by reading this book. It offers practical and useful advice and tips.

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Auto Doser Pumps – Dosatron – Auto Nutrient Dosing Machine

Welcome you understand the features of the Auto Doser Pump – Dosatron – Auto Nutrient Dosing Machine

  • Knowing the EC/ppm, pH and temperature that the nutrient delivery system is providing to the Crop will give the grower the confidence that the plants will receive the proper nutrition that they require
  • Model Number: 709012
  • Includes a mixing chamber, The Guardian connect Monitor with in-line ppm/temp & pH probes and all necessary plumbing connections to install into the system
  • Item Package Dimensions: 22.0″ L x 22.4″ W x 55.8″ H

Benefits of this product

    • With this product, you can drip feed nutrients and water to your hydroponics and aquaponics greenhouse or garden.
    • It comes with a complete set for the plumbing and mixing chamber for the nutrients, pH Probes to test the pH level (acidity and alkalinity).
    • It is automated once you set it up.

Recommending another Dosatron product to you that is more cheaper under 500 USD. It is definitely worthwhile to invest in such a product from your aquaponics or hydroponics greenhouse or even your garden plot. It ensures that your plants have enough nutrients and water.

  • Dosatron water powered doser is directly installed in the water supply line
  • The Dosatron operates by using water pressure as the power source (no electricity needed)
  • The water activates the Dosatron, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate
  • Inside the Dosatron, the concentrate is mixed with the water
  • The water pressure forces the solution downstream


  • It is easy to setup as the it is water powered from your tap.
  • You can easily add the nutrients in the water and mix it together with the water.
  • It is powered by water pressure and does not use electricity at all.

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All the best to your gardening.

Youtube Keyword Research Online Free With Examples Part 1 – Google Trends and VidIQ

Hi Friends, A Warm welcome to you for YouTube Research Online Free With Examples Blog post. I am going to go through 3 practical examples for part 1 of this blog post.

Example 1 – Weight Loss Niche
“celebrating my 1 pound weight loss”
“weight loss exercises at home for men”
“weight loss exercises at home for women”

There are a few steps to do for this particular example
1. Go to
2. Type in your keyword.
3. Filter Worldwide and YouTube Search.
4. There will be related search queries at the bottom for you to pick for the title and description of your YouTube video.

Installing VidIQ a free chrome extension
In this tutorial we also talk about installing VidIQ chrome extension. Just type in chrome extension in google search. Click on the search result that shows google chrome. Type in VidIQ in the search box and install the chrome extension in your browser. Before that you also need to create an account with VidIQ at their website

Checking your keyword competition in YouTube itself

You can go to Youtube and type in your keyword with double quotes around it to see if there are a lot search results competing for this keyword. If there is not a lot search results, then it is easy to rank for this keyword.

VidIQ statistics show you big data analysis of whether it is easy to rank for the keywords.

With VidIQ, when you type the keyword in the search box of YouTube it will show you the competition level and search volume. For this particular keyword the competition level is high or very high but there is good search volume.

Secondly, you can click on each individual video especially the top ranking video for the keyword and check out whether it has facebook shares, twitter tweets., reddit upvotes and whether they use the keyword in the tags. If they are lacking in these areas, you still have a good chance to rank for the keywords.

Summary for weight loss niche keywords

Competition Level is High but there are searches for the keywords. It may be easy to rank in the first pages of YouTube because not all the search results are using the exact keyword for their titles.

Example 2 – Facebook Marketing

The Keyword that is selected and recommend is “How to do facebook marketing”. Watch the video below for a deep analysis of the keyword and on its ease of ranking.

Summary Analysis of Keyword

The search volume is 67 and there is low competition. From the VidIQ analysis, it is easy to rank for the keyword “how to do facebook marketing”. You can also do a double quotes on the keyword at YouTube to check if there a lot of search results. If there are not many search results, you are likely to outrank the other search results.

There is also another factor to consider that the search results do not use this keyword for their title or description. This makes it also easier for you to outrank them

But one additional point to note is that if your content is high quality and it adds value to people watching them, they are likely to share your content to their family and friends. Then you will have passive views and passive income. The views will start coming it as people keep sharing your YouTube video.

Example 3 – Singapore Bungalow House Design

For this example we are covering a local SEO Keyword. It can be USA, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesian or a local place like Altanta, Quebec and so on. You can dig deeper in to the keywords. You can watch the example below for a clear picture of how it easy is it to rank for this keyword.

Summary Analysis Of Keyword

For this Keyword, it has a good search volume of 67 and low competition, it is also a great keyword to target for people who are interior designers or people who build houses and bungalows for people. It is a very niche keyword and is unlikely to have huge competition.

Analyzing the video that is the first video reveals that it has 6 facebook likes and no tweets. If  you have a active facebook and twitter account it is a good keyword to target. If you have reddit, it is even better. There is a singapore reddit that you can try posting in. You can also post your video on pinterest and other social media platforms like linkedin.

It is relatively easy to outrank the first search result. You can do more deeper analysis on the next top 2 and 3 search results to get a better feel of the competitiveness of the keyword.

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