Vegetables Egg Salad Recipe

Healthy and Yummy Vegetables Salad with Egg Recipe

Hello Friends,  share with You this healthy and flavorful vegetable salad. Besides having this salad as my daily veggies diet, it also serves as my weight loss meal.

I savor this mix vegetables with different  flavors and tastes, such as juicy and sweet honey tomatoes, crunchy cauliflower, soft leafy bean sprouts and cabbage. Together with fragrant chicken sausage and egg, they are a delightful, fulfilling and healthy meal.


Ingredients :
– Cauliflower : 30 grams (cut into florets)
– 12 Honey Cherry Tomatoes
– Bean sprouts : 20 grams
– Purple cabbage : few leaves (shredded)
– One Hard Boiled egg : (cut into wedges)
– One Chicken Sausage :  (slices) – Optional
– Extra Virgin olive oil : 3 tbsp.
– Salt  (to taste)
– Black pepper (to taste)

Preparation :

(1) Scald cauliflower florets in boiling water for about 1 minute, drain water and set aside in a salad bowl.

(2) Add in other ingredients like, tomatoes, cabbage, bean sprout and chicken sausage to the cauliflower, add in olive oil, salt and pepper, toss all ingredients.

(3) Add in boiled egg, sprinkle olive oil and black pepper before serve this healthy and yummy salad dish.