Vegetables Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Three Healthy Vegetables Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Vegetables pork ribs soup is always my favourite dish for lunch and dinner. Glad to share with you Ti Wan Cai, Red Vegetable and shanghai Green vegetable cooked in pork ribs Soup. These vegetables have their distinct flavour that blends well with healthy, flavourful and tasty pork ribs Soup.

The pork ribs soup for this recipe is cooked one day before, stored in refrigerator overnight, next day fats are removed from it. For Procedures please refer to :

Pork Rib Soup Recipe

(1) Pork ribs soup with Ti Wang Cai ( Emperor vegetable)
Reheat the soup, when the soup boils, add in Emperor vegetable, some salt and seasoning to taste.


(2) Pork ribs soup with Red Vegetable
Bring the soup to boil, add in red vegetable, salt and seasoning to taste.


(3) Pork Ribs Soup with Shanghai Green Vegetables
Heat up pork ribs soup, when soup boils, add in Shanghai Green vegetable and some salt and seasoning to taste.


*** Hope you enjoy healthy and tasty pork ribs soup with vegetables ***