Vegetables Pork Ribs Soup

Mixed Vegetables Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Hello my Friends, happy to share with You this easy to cook and healthy mixed vegetable pork ribs soup.
Pork ribs soup is prepared one night before, using slow cooker to cook the pork ribs. Procedures for cooking the pork ribs soup, please refer to :

Pork Rib Soup Recipe


This soup is healthy and flavorsome as it is cooked with lots of vegetables. Pork ribs that added in give a sweet flavor to the soup. Celery is added lastly to enhance its crunchiness.
My family savor this healthy, flavorful and tasty soup. Hope You like this recipe I have shared.


Ingredients :
Pre-prepared pork ribs soup
3 stalks of Celery : (slice into small sections)
2 Potatoes : (cut into bite sizes)
3 Carrots : (cut into small sections)
1 Corn kernels
3 Onions : cut into wedges
Salt : (to taste)
Seasoning : (to taste)
White pepper powder (optional)

Simple Way of Cooking :
(1) Boil the pre-cooked pork ribs soup prepared a day before, add in all vegetable ingredients except Celery.

(2) Cook until the potato and carrot are tender. After the onion becomes translucent, add in celery and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Finally, add in some salt and seasoning to taste.