Vegetables Salad Recipe

Hello Friends, like to share with you this grilled salad with crunchy cauliflower, broccoli and sweet, juicy honey cherry tomatoes.

To me, grilled salad is always an easy, quick and convenient way of having veggies in my daily diet.

For grilling of vegetables salad, I like to use extra virgin olive oil as dressing, sprinkle black pepper and add some salt to taste. Squeeze some lemon juice before serve.




– Broccoli : (cut into florets)
– Cauliflowers : (cut into florets)
– Honey Cherry Tomatoes
– Extra Virgin Olive oil
– Black pepper
– Salt
– Lemon juice

Simple Method :
(1) Put all ingredients in a baking tray, generously sprinkle with olive oil, black pepper and salt to taste. Mix all ingredients and oven grill at 300 degree C for 20 minutes or until desired browning.

(2) I love to savor this healthy vegetables salad by squeezing lemon juice onto it.