Vegetarian Chicken Rice Recipe

My family always enjoy the vegetarian dishes I cooked for them, especially vegetarian chicken rice.

Vegetarian Chicken Rice is very simple and easy to cook as the ingredients are easily available at stores. The only technique of getting the right taste is the correct amount of Ginger and Lemon grass that are added in for cooking, so that the flavor of either ginger or lemon grass will not over-power one another.

The vegetarian chicken slices that I bought are high in fiber, no cholesterol and no preservative as its ingredients are mainly soya bean fiber.


– White rice : 2 and a 1/2 cups
– Water : 2 and  3/4 cups
– Lemon Grass : 1 stalk (slightly smash it and cut into few sections)
– Ginger : 8 slices
– Pandan leaves : 8 pieces (tie 4 pieces together into a knob)
– Cooking Oil : 2 tbsp.
– Salt and vegetable seasoning (to taste)

 Simple Method :

Wash rice, drain well.  Add in all ingredients, mix well, put in pandan leaves and cook rice. when the rice is cooked, there is aromatic fragrance.

To enjoy the complete set of vegetarian chicken rice, simply pan fry the vegetarian chicken slices until brown, scald green vegetable.  Add in Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce, garnish with cilantro . Serve this dish with Chili Sauce.