Vermicelli Mee Siam Soup Recipe

Vermicelli Mee Siam Soup Recipe

Mee Siam is a dish made of fried vermicelli and Mee Siam soup.  This flavorful and apppetizing  soup is cooked with ready-made Mee Siam paste.  I added two table spoons of  salted soy beans to give this dish a rich and flavorsome taste.

Vermicelli can be fried with sambal chili oil or using oil from the Mee Siam Paste. They are both equally savory.


Ingredients :
– Ready-made Mee Siam Paste : 230 grams
– Salted soy bean : 2 tbsp (optional)
– Vermicelli : 300 grams
– Bean sprout : 100 grams
– 6 pieces of Tofu puff
– Hard boiled egg
– Chives : cut into small sections
– Sambal chili oil : 4 tbsp
– Lime

Method of Cooking :

(1) Bake Tofu puff at 200°C for 10 minutes. diced them into small pieces, set aside.

(2) Cooking Vermicelli : Soak vermicelli in hot water until soft. Fry vermicelli and bean sprout with sambal chili oil (or oil from Mee Siam Paste) until vermicelli is uniformly mixed with chili oil.


(3) Mee Siam Soup : Add 800 ml of water  and salted soy bean to the Ready-made Mee Siam Pasta, bring to boil.

Ready-made Mee Siam Paste

Mee Siam Soup

(4) Place fried vermicelli on a plate, pour Mee Siam Soup over it, garnish with egg, tofu puff, chives, Sambal sauce and lime juice. Serve hot and savor deliciously.