Video Marketing Blaster Review – Software That Can Help You Rank Your YouTube Videos

Video Marketing Blaster Review. Software That Can Help You Rank Your YouTube Videos for more subscribers and views.

Video Marketing Blaster Review
Video Marketing Blaster Review

Video Marketing Blaster uses data from the top 10 search results and gives you a color coded kind of comparison to know whether you can rank well forĀ  a keyword. Meaning it gives you low competition keywords. Furthermore, you can go the ranking report it will give you a gauge on whether it is easy to rank for the first position and the first page of YouTube.

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You can always try to add in different keyword combinations and dig for keywords that are easy to rank in YouTube. First of all if you are a new YouTube channel or the channel has low to medium authority (subscribers, views and page authority), it is best to create content based on low competition and easy to rank keywords.

Additional Tips

You can create a series of videos regarding the same topic with different value added content. You can always record your progress and give updates on what you are promoting or sharing on YouTube.

Name your video part 1 part 2 or tutorial 1 tutorial 2 and so on.

Thirdly, you can add them on a playlist and you can promote your playlist via other marketing channels like pinterest and quora. These 2 websites are really very authoritative and gives you views.

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