Weight Loss Fruits Salad

Fruits Salad for Breakfast and Weight Loss

Hi Friends, share with you this healthy fruits salad consist of orange, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, grapes and apple.

I often eat fruits in the morning or in the afternoon as snack. Besides preparing this salad for their health benefits, I ate this colorful platelet of fruits salad between meals for weight loss purposes too.

Health benefits of the fruits:
These fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain essential nutrients for the growth and development of the body.

(1) Orange : prevent cancer, improve appetite, help digestion, protects against viral infections etc.


(2) Blue Berries : Prevent cancer and heart disease, boost up immune system, reduce risk of Alzheimer, reduce blood pressure, anti aging and fight wrinkles, build healthy bond, improve mental health etc.


(3) Tomatoes :
3.1 Reduce the risk of cancer
3.2 Lower risk of high blood pressure,
3.3 Help in regulate and balance of blood sugar,
3.4 Prevent night blindness and improve vision,
3.5 Prevent kidney stones and gallstones,
3.6 Best for weight lose diet, etc.


(4) Grapes :Prevent cancer, heart attack, help lower blood pressure, fight diabetes, anti-aging, anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory to help allergy relief.


(5) Apple : Due to its high in antioxidants, apple reduce the risk of chronic disease, such as stoke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer etc. Other health benefits of apple are good for digestion, relieving diarrheal and constipation, boosting immune system.