Wellue Oxylink – Wearable Oxygen Monitor Review – How It Benefits Your Health

Wellue Oxylink Wearable Oxygen Monitor Review. Discover how its powerful and accurate features benefits your health. Kindly read on below for a honest review.

Wellue Oxylink - Wearable Oxygen Monitor Review
Wellue Oxylink – Wearable Oxygen Monitor Review
  • APP VIHALTH: View real-time blood O2 and heart rate in the App Dashboard, unlimited storage. The device should be connected via Bluetooth to the APP.

  • AUDIO REMINDER IN APP DASHBOARD: When O2 levels fall below the predefined threshold, an audio reminder will appear in the App Dashboard. You will receive the reminder only if your phone is not locked and is in Dashboard mode.

  • The device will trigger an audio reminder when the oxygen level falls below the pre-set threshold, preventing the occurrence of a low oxygen status. In the app, you have the option of adjusting the volume and oxygen threshold.

  • This is the lightest, smallest ring sensor for continuous monitoring over the course of the night, and it is durable and easily adaptable to most fingers.

  • Tracking of oxygen levels, heart rates, and motions throughout the day for up to 16 hours continuously.

  • This item includes the Wellue WearO2, USB cable, user guide, and a one-year worry-free warranty.

  • Please note that this device is intended to be used exclusively for sports and aviation, and is not intended for medical purposes.

  • Keep your phone in the App Dashboard page if you wish to receive the notice on your phone.

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