What Are Rainbow Children – An In-Depth Look At Their Traits

What Are Rainbow Children – An In-Depth Look At Their Traits
What Are Rainbow Children - An In-Depth Look At Their Traits

Rainbow children are, of course, unique, but they are somehow distinguished from other children. They appear to be more evolved than most humans. Learn how to recognize the signs of a Rainbow child. There are 21 signs of a Rainbow child. Rainbow children are generally born to Crystal adults. It is the choice of rainbow children to incarnate into stable families, while their processors, the Indigos, choose dysfunctional environments in which to live.

The rainbow symbolizes the birth of a new soul. It is as if they have never experienced previous incarnations. In most cases, they are psychic or extremely intuitive. It is a normal part of their lives to possess psychic abilities. They do not consider it a major issue. As a result, they are hyperactive and high-energy. Whenever you are near one, you may feel a buzz as their personal energy fields vibrate so vigorously. In some cases, Rainbow children may be required to run everywhere, or may be compelled to start hopping, skipping, and jumping spontaneously. Colors that are bright appeal to them. It is always better to have a brighter light.

As a result, the gender-neutral culture has emerged due to their balanced male/female characteristics. Their passion, creativity, and enthusiasm are evident in everything they do. Their imperviousness to low energy and vibration allows them to shrug it off and move on. Their natural tendency is to gravitate towards other Rainbows, forming super high-energy bonds. It is innate in them that they are part of, and connected to, all that exists. Separation does not exist for them.

There is a natural healing ability in them. Several physical characteristics are similar to those of Crystals, such as their large eyes and clear gaze. While Crystal children take a deep look into your soul, you will never feel judged by a Rainbow child. The rainbow children reflect back to you your feelings and characteristics. It is the nature of a Rainbow child to be compassionate. In addition to loving humanity, they are here to serve it.

Rainbow children may serve as channels for benevolent spiritual entities. Unless they are doing it for the sheer enjoyment, they are unlikely to engage in sports unless they are interested in competing with others. There is no difficulty in forgiving rainbow children. It is almost impossible for them to comprehend the concept of forgiveness. Forgiveness that is based on acceptance is what they practice. There is a strong sense of self-determination in them. In the past, they might have been described as stubborn, but this is no longer the case. They are focused on their purposes for being here, and anything else is only a distraction. Until the age of three or four, they may not be able to speak.

It is a little like Crystal children, but more so. Due to their connection with the cosmos, they do not require verbal communication. They are quite aware of what is happening around them. Their Crystal parent, you, is fearless as well.

The Rainbow Children Q&A: Why Have They Come? There are three waves of Rainbow children. Children like these are here to heal the planet and to restore the balance between the world and its inhabitants. Their role is to lead by example, to reflect back our distorted values to us, and to remove the ‘dirty’ energy that currently permeates the human race.

Eventually, rainbows will form a web of high vibrating energy around the globe along with other highly developed human souls. The collective name for these human souls is ‘light workers’. To assist humanity in evolving, light workers need not do anything specific. All the work is done by their energy. Crystals and, to a certain extent, Indigos perform physical tasks, whereas Rainbows merely exist.

Is every child born today a rainbow? The number of Rainbow children is still quite small. Currently, we are part of the wave of Crystal children. Eventually, they will produce an increasing number of Rainbows. How do you know if you are an adult Indigo? What should I do if my child is a rainbow child? Due to their late speech development, Rainbow children may occasionally be misdiagnosed as autistic. These attempts at early labeling should be resisted by you, as their parent, and as a likely Crystal child yourself. You only need to love your child if you identify him or her as a Rainbow. There will not be much more they will ask for. Neither are they avaricious, greedy, or mercenaries, and they would rather donate all their possessions if it would make someone else happy. It is your responsibility to recognize the giftedness of your children, and to facilitate their development in any way you can.

Don’t try to make them into something they are not. Let them express their psyche however they wish. As a result of their uniqueness, Rainbow children may be victimized by bullies. Although they are aware of the bully‚Äôs pain due to their gifts, they do not allow that lower vibration to affect them on a long-term basis. There is an emotional resilience in them.

The possibility of autonomous home-schooling (un-schooling) should be considered, where the child is able to set his or her own educational agenda. A rainbow child cannot be confined. It is not possible to force a Rainbow child to be or act in a way that is not in accordance with their personality.

What happens to Rainbow Children after they grow up? There is no information available at this time. It is mentioned in some sources that there are ‘Golden children’, but we have no knowledge of their extraordinary characteristics and gifts. In addition to what we know today, there may be other energetic modalities. As a result, humans may not suffer from disease again because they may take healing to a higher level. There is a possibility that they may be so psychic that they will no longer require verbal and written communication. There will be a change in the way education is provided and learning facts will no longer be the primary objective. New forms of energy, new psychologies, and new ways to live together without the government will be the subject of this conference. There will be millions of smaller communes throughout the world. We are a long way from that time, and it is most likely beyond the reach of anyone alive today.