YouTube Automated Copyright Checks – Understand How YouTube Protects You With This Automated Feature

YouTube Automated Copyright Checks. Understand How YouTube Protects You With This Automated Feature.

YouTube Automated Copyright Checks
YouTube Automated Copyright Checks

In order to upload your own YouTube content and maybe even make money from it, it is important to understand copyright laws. Regulations are enforced in accordance with those rules. The YouTube staff and copyright owners actively monitor videos for copyright infringements, so if they discover anything, even the tiniest thing, the consequences can range from the copyright owner making money off your video to your channel being banned. Content creators may accidentally violate copyright laws from time to time. In order to ensure that copyright checks are as effective as possible, YouTube tests them during uploads.

As a result of this feature, your video is run through a check to determine whether it violates any copyrights before it is published. It is actually possible to check a video against a copyright database on YouTube and flag it if it is protected by copyright. This service is known as Content ID. It appears that YouTube will run the Content ID check before publishing the video, not after. Should it identify any issues, you may be able to correct them before the video is published.

In my opinion, this feature will not be sufficient to solve the entire problem. Despite the fact that nothing in your video tripped this check, your video may still be struck after it has been published. It also means that copyright trolling may still be an issue. Nevertheless, this check will prevent users from having their whole channel banned or their videos demonetized or taken down if, for example, they include a snippet of a copyrighted video or song by accident or because they did not realize it was illegal.

If you are not seeing the feature yet, please keep in mind that it is probably being A/B tested right now, as there have been no official announcements. When I tried to upload a video, it did not appear for me. It will still be an excellent feature to have once it is rolled out to everyone, since it will prevent a lot of channels from being incorrectly suspended.

YouTube’s copyright “Checks” feature has been officially launched

The YouTube support page highlights the new copyright “Checks” feature. YouTube Studio desktop users can begin using the new feature today, and videos you upload will automatically be screened for “possible copyright claims and ad-suitability restrictions” according to the support page.

You will now see a new “checks” step when uploading a new video on the desktop version of YouTube Studio. Your video will be screened for potential copyright claims in this step. YouTube Partner Programme members will also be able to check whether their video is suitable for advertising. In this way, you will have an opportunity to dispute any claims made regarding your video prior to it being published and correct any issues that might affect its ad-suitability.

In general, the entire copyright check process should take about three minutes or more, but the ad-suitability check may be a bit longer. A time estimate will be displayed in both cases. In addition, YouTube states that you will be able to publish videos without performing these checks, but this may limit their visibility or monetization if any issues are discovered later.

Additionally, YouTube explains that it will display an option to view more details if the feature finds a copyright claim during the check. By selecting this option, you will be able to view the content that is being claimed along with the timecode it appears at, along with an explanation of the impact the claim will have on your video.

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